Nail Treatments

Ingrowing Toenails

This is a quite common issue, affecting people of all ages. Factors contributing to their occurrence can be poor nail maintenance, sports injuries, steel-toe capped boots and footwear, and even congenital propensity.

We explore the avenues of possible treatment upon consultation to aid in resolving the problem and pick the best course of treatment most effective for the individual case as presented, including nail bracing, packing, or a procedure known as ‘Avulsion’, using a local anaesthetic.

I specialise in performing partial and full operative nail avulsion’s – a particularly effective long-term solution, with a re-growth rate of just 3% on average.

Nail Bracing

Nail braces are a small corrective device which are adhered to the nail. They are usually left in-situ for 6-8 weeks then replaced as the nail grows out – repeated approximately 3 times. They are used to correct curved/pincher shaped nails that are causing pain or discomfort. This could be an option before considering a full nail operation.

Nail Reconstruction

Cosmetically pleasing nail correction using LCN Wilde – Pedique – an acrylester resin which is cured under a UV light. This gel is lighter and more flexible than conventional gels or acrylics, ensuring no hindrance to natural nail growth – it will improve the appearance of a damaged nail, or aid recovery for a nail that is repeatedly splitting. It can also be used in conjunction with fungal nail treatment.